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On this Project Censored show, the topic is immigration policy and higher education. Specifically, Nolan and Nick take a look at the DACA controversy, 
and how it is being reported on in the corporate media. This show also features a discussion with college student activists about these and related issues. 
As well, there's a discussion of the corporate press and its credibility regarding the Trump administration.
the Project Censored Show:  
Hosts: Nolan Higdon and Nicholas Baham
Producer: Mitch Scorza
Long-time Honduras-solidarity activist Matt Ginsberg-Jaeckle is the first guest on this weeks show; 
he provides updates on the suppression of popular dissent in Honduras in the aftermath of last year's 
corrupted election, and the pervasive power of a tiny US-backed ruling elite.
For the second segment of the program, Portland-area high-school teacher Ursula Wolfe-Rocca is the guest; 
drawing on examples ranging from MLK and COINTELPRO to todays Black Lives Matter movement, 
she explains how the study of history enables students to connect the past to the present, and to become 
more critical thinkers. She also suggests resources for teachers who want to take their classes beyond standard textbooks.
To open the show, Mickey welcomes back artist/writer/activist Eleanor Goldfield. 
They address a range of issues being ignored or slighted in corporate media. 
In the second half, investigative journalist Kevin Gosztola is the guest; 
he explains the goals of his current project, www.shadowproof.com.
Eleanor Goldfield is creator of the web site www.artkillingapathy.com
host of "Act Out" on Free Speech TV, and author of the new book Paradigm Lost.  
Kevin Gosztola is an online journalist, formerly a contributor to www.firedoglake.com
now an editor at www.shadowproof.com.
In the first half of the show, Mickey and Peter speak with three student researchers 
at San Francisco State University, and their faculty advisor, about their current Project Censored research, 
and about innovative new approaches to journalism itself.
Then Chase Palmieri of Tribeworthy.com makes a return visit to the show, to offer an update on Tribeworthy's progress. 
Tribeworthy's purpose is to offer news 'consumers' a site to collectively rate the quality of individual news stories.
This is a rebroadcast of the Project Censored Show of June 11, 2017.
Bethany Surface, Malcolm Pinson and Audrey Johnson are students at San Francisco State University 
and members of the SFSU Project Censored Club; Kenn Burrows is faculty advisor to the club, 
and an lecturer in Holistic Health Studies.
Chase Palmieri is co-founder of Tribeworthy.com
Web site mentioned on this week's program:


On this special edition of the Project Censored Show, the co-editors of Poets Reading the News 
spend the hour looking back at some of the most important news stories of 2017, expressed via poetry. 
Elle Aviv Newton and Jenna Spagnolo present a dozen poems, each read by its author, addressing issues 
from gun violence to opiod deaths to global warming. 

Web site mentioned on this program:

This week, we present a speech delivered in April by the Project Censored Show's co-host Mickey Huff. 
His topic was "Critical Media Literacy: the Antidote to Fake News." He spoke at Sonoma State University, 
as one of the campus's Social Justice Week events.
Mickey Huff is director of Project Censored, co-host of the Project Censored radio program, and co-chair of 
the History department at Diablo Valley College in the San Francisco Bay area.
Authors Peter Dale Scott and David Talbot join Mickey for a discussion of the now-popular phrase "deep state," 
and its implications. They also share their thoughts on the best way forward for the left in the Trump era.
Peter Dale Scott is a retired diplomat and prolific author on politics and history; among his books are "Deep Politics 
and the Death of JFK," and "Drugs, Oil and War." David Talbot is the founder of Salon.com, and now a columnist for 
the San Francisco Chronicle; his most recent book is "The Devil's Chessboard."  
This is a rebroadcast of the Project Censored program of March 13, 2017


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Mickey's first guest is the multitalented Eleanor Goldfield. An artist, writer and social activist, 
she explains the connections between art and activism, as well as some of the many campaigns she's involved with, 
including net neutrality, pipeline safety, and alternative energy.
In the second half of the show, Project Censored associate director Andy Lee Roth joins Mickey for a discussion 
about the political history of "fake news." They also summarize some of the stories in Censored 2018, 
Project Censored's latest annual look at underreported stories and the state of journalism.


Program Notes:

Eleanor Goldfield is the creator of www.artkillingapathy.com

Andy Lee Roth teaches sociology at Citrus College in Southern California.
For the first segment of the show, Mickey and Michael speak with independent journalist Dave Lindorff. 
In a recent Salon.com article, Lindorff contends that corporate-media denunciations of "fake news" 
are also intended to undermine the credibility of non-corporate alternative media.
Then Nolan Higdon joins the show as a guest, for a discussion of how to teach media literacy, 
despite neoliberal education doctines that deemphasize critical thinking and civic participation.
Program Notes:
Dave Lindorff is a widely-published independent journalist. His work is collected at www.thiscantbehappening.net
Nolan Higdon teaches communications and history at several colleges in the San Francisco Bay area.

Web sites mentioned in this week's show:

As President Trump tries to undo the DACA program, Nolan and Nicholas 
speak with two young adults who were able to stay in the U.S. under DACA, 
but now face the possibility of deportation. Also on the show, a roundtable 
discussion about the FCC's plan to allow even more media-ownership consolidation.
the Project Censored Show:


Hosts: Nolan Higdon and Nicholas Baham

Originates at KPFA, 94.1 FM, Berkeley CA, Fridays 1-2 PM Pacific Time

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