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9/11 activists Jenna Orkin and Jon Gold are Mickey's guests for the hour. Rather than considering who the perpetrators might've been, these guests discuss the public health disaster that followed the attacks, when thousands of emergency workers and area residents became ill from the toxins spread by the fires and collapse of the World Trade Center. Jon Gold also calls out some of the lies told by politicians (both federal and local) about 9/11, as well as the failures of the 9/11 Commission.
This is a rebroadcast of the Project Censored Show of July 16, 2018
Jenna Orkin has written four books, the most recent being "Ground Zero Wars." She focuses on the public health impacts of the 9/11 disaster. At the time of the attacks, her son attended high school four blocks from the WTC.
Jon Gold has been investigating 9/11 for over ten years. His latest work is "We Were Lied To About 9/11," a digital collection of transcripts from interviews with journalists, whistleblowers, peace activists, relatives of victims, and others who've worked to uncover the story. 
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Mickey Huff and Chase Palmieri are joined by several of the contributors to "Censored 2019,"
the latest edition, just-published, of Project Censored's annual compilations of censored stories
and media analysis. They discuss some of the "Top 25" censored stories, as well as new developments
in media.
Andy Lee Roth is associate director of Project Censored, and co-editor of Censored 2019 (with Mickey Huff). 
He holds a PhD in Sociology from UCLA and teaches in the Seattle area. Steve Macek teaches at North Central College 
in Illinois, and is the author of "Urban Nightmares," a study of the negative depictions of cities in US media. Eleanor Goldfield 
is a journalist, musician, and multimedia artist. 
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In observance of Banned Books Week 2018, Mickey speaks with three guests, 
all involved in different facets of defending Americans' right to read.
Betsy Gomez is coordinator of Banned Books Week, Charles Brownstein is executive director 
of the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund, and Abena Hutchful leads the Youth Free Expression Program 
at the National Coalition Against Censorship.

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Host: Mickey Huff
Producers: Anthony Fest & Dennis Murphy
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This week, the Project Censored Show presents some of the speeches from the 2018 Petaluma Progressive Festival. 
Speakers at this year's event addressed issues from immigration to housing to climate change and nuclear disarmament.
The music on today's show is from the group LoCura, performing at the festival.
the Project Censored Show:


Host: Mickey Huff 
Producers: Anthony Fest, Dennis Murphy & Rob Tomaszewski
Abby Martin explains how web giants like Facebook and Google are working with the US government 
to block anti-establishment voices from online platforms. Next is Mike Pryzner, co-creator of an antiwar podcast 
for people already in the US military. Finally, Kevin Gosztola summarizes the Reality Winner case, 
and why the legal system is rigged against Espionage Act defendants.

Abby Martin is host of "the Empire Files" on Telesur.

Mike Pryzner is an Iraq veteran, peace activist, and media producer. 
Kevin Gosztola is an independent journalist who specializes in whistleblower cases.

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On this week's program, we hear a speech by the legedary political activist and consumer-rights advocate 
Ralph Nader. Nader outlines some of the most critical problems facing Americans, including exorbitant military spending, 
out-of-control corporations, and thousands of annual deaths in the workplace, or from lack of health care coverage. 
But then he names some individuals who've made a difference in recent U.S. history, explains what students 
can accomplish on campus, and how voters can hold legislators accountable. Nader spoke on March 5, 2018 at 
Sonoma State University in northern California, as part of the campus's annual Social Justice Week Lecture Series.


This is a rebroadcast of the Project Censored Show of April 9, 2018.

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Mickey, Chase and their guests discuss how internet titans like Facebook and Youtube are censoring what users can post, 
and what the response to such censorship might be.  David Pakman is the host of the David Pakman Show, available on radio, 
TV and Youtube. Andrew Austin teaches at the University of Wisconsin. Nolan Higdon teaches at multiple campuses in the San Francisco Bay area.




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Peter Phillips returns to the Project Censored Show, this time as a guest, to discuss his new book, 
"Giants: The Global Power Elite." The product of years of research, "Giants" identifies the members of 
the 'transnational corporate class:' the institutions and individuals that control trillions of dollars 
of the world's wealth, and wield the political power that these riches confer.

Peter Phillips is Professor of Sociology at Sonoma State University in California.
He's also the retired director of Project Censored, and cofounder of the Project Censored radio show. 
"Giants" is his 18th book, and is published by Seven Stories Press.

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The first guest, documentary producer Robbie Leppzer, discusses his latest work, Power Struggle
It's an account of the grassroots campaign to shut down the Vermont Yankee nuclear plant, 
and the problems that remain after the plant's closure. Next, nuclear-power critics Arnie and 
Maggie Gunderson return to Project Censored to explain some of the continuing hazards facing 
Fukushima, Japan, years after the meltdown there. Finally, Poets Reading the News make 
a second appearance on the show.

This is an edited rebroadcast of a Project Censored Show that originally aired in November 2017.

Robbie Leppzer is a film producer with over 30 documentaries to his credit.

Arnie and Maggie Gunderson left careers in the nuclear power industry to 
devote themselves to educating the public about nuclear power's hazards.

Elle Aviv Newton and Jenna Spagnolo are the co-editors of Poets Reading the News.

Web sites mentioned on this week's program:

Historian Peter Kuznick returns to the Project Censored Show to discuss 
the forthcoming update to his book The Untold History of the United States.
The new material will cover the period from 2012 to 2018.
In the interview on this week's show, Kuznick addresses issues ranging from 
Trump and Russia, to the prospects for ending the conflict in Syria.
Peter Kuznick is Professor of History at American University in Washington DC,
and also directs the Nuclear Studies Program at that institution.
He and Oliver Stone wrote the groundbreaking book The Untold History of the United States,
and also produced a Showtime documentary series based on the book. 
More information can be found at www.untoldhistory.com.

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