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The May 4th Kent State Shootings 42 Years Later:  Justice Still Not Served. We hear from Congressman Dennis Kucinich commenting about the DOJ's recent denial in reopening the case even after new evidence has been revealed citing several shots fired (possibly by an FBI informant Terry Norman) before the National Guard opened fire on students and others assembled at KSU; Dr. Elaine Wellin, an eyewitness to the events, speaks out for the first time about what she saw that day and discusses agent provocateurs; we’ll hear testimony from investigator and forensic expert Stuart Allen about his analysis of the audio tapes from May 4th that reveal orders to fire after several earlier audible shots that the government has denied to this day; and we hear from Kent State Truth Tribunal activist Laurel Krause, the sister of slain student Allison, about her efforts to get justice for the victims of Kent State and her recent letter to President Obama.

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