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This week's Project Censored show opens with economic issues, and wraps up with an interview with a VA whistleblower.  Fifty years have passed since LBJ announced the War On Poverty. The first guest, Keith Kilty, describes the how poverty was reduced in the 1960s and 1970s, before the programs were cut back and the poverty rate rose again. Then economist Doug Orr of San Francisco City College looks at the stock market – how relevant are the market's gyrations to the real economy? Orr also explains “frontrunning,” a tactic used by market insiders to enrich themselves. The program concludes with a conversation about whistleblowing in the federal government, with Oliver Mitchell, a whistleblower in the Veterans Administration, and Marcel Reid, organizer of a whistleblowers' summit (www.whistleblowersummit.com) in Washington, DC.

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