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Restrictions on Public Information, Dangers of Crude Oil Fires, and We are Not Broke—Public Banking
For the July 18th Project Censored Program on Pacifica co-hosts Mickey Huff and Peter Phillips look at news that didn’t make the news, They  begin in discussion with president of the Society of Professional Journalists Dave Cuillier, who talks about the petition sent to President Obama last week, endorsed by over 40 media organizations, that calls for the administration to stop their excessive control of public information. Additionally, Diane Bailey of the Natural Resources Defense Council joins in to talk about how the increasing shipments of crude oil by rail in the US will inevitably result in massive accidents including explosions/fires  in our town and cities.  They end the show with Ken Walden of What the World Could Be, who reminds us our communities are not broke, and how public funds now invested in Wall Street can revitalize our economy through Public Banking.
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