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50 years have passed since Ohio National Guard troops opened fire on Kent State University students 
protesting the Vietnam War. Four students were killed and nine wounded. On this Part II of our two-part 
Kent-State series, Mickey and his guests reflect on the Kent State massacre's effect on history. 
Joel Ies was a labor and antiwar activist in Fresno, CA in 1970. David Ziegler is a filmmaker 
and the creator of the "Sir, No Sir" documentary. Ira Shor was a graduate student and antiwar organizer 
in Madison, Wisconsin in 1970. David Swanson is executive director of World Beyond War.

Music-break information:
1) & 3) "Reflections of My Life" by Marmalade
2) "War" by Edwin Starr 
The full four hours of interviews can be found at www.truthtribunal.org 
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