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For the first half of the program, Andy Lee Roth describes his research indicating that Google and other internet giants are filtering out material from LGBT publications,
yet allowing anti-gay hate 'speech.' Then attorney Peter Obstler explains a federal lawsuit against Youtube that he filed on behalf of several gay or lesbian video producers 
-- a case that might clarify whether internet platforms like Youtube have First Amendment obligations.

Andy Lee Roth is Associate Director of Project Censored and co-editor of its annual "Censored" books.

His recent article "Queer Erasure" is in the Spring 2020 issue of the Index on Censorship. 
Peter Obstler is a partner in the San Francisco office of the Browne George Ross law firm.

Andy Lee Roth's recent article can be found at
Music-break Information: 
1) "Lucifer" by the Alan Parsons Project
2) "The Watcher" by Dave Holland
3) "Smooth Criminal" by 2 Cellos 
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