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Each year's Project Censored volume includes a chapter on "junk-food news" -- trivial or scarcely-significant stories 
that receive disproportionate coverage on corporate media, thereby crowding out more-significant issues. This week's 
Project Censored Show features three of the researchers for the junk-food news chapter of Censored 2019, to examine 
the insidious social effects of junk-food news, and to discuss their work and this year's chapter.
Izzy Snow and Christina Hamilton are students at College of Marin, and Project Censored researchers / authors. 
Susan Rahman teaches social sciences at College of Marin and is the Project Censored faculty contact at that institution. 
Music Breaks:
1) "Embryonic Journey" by Hot Tuna
2) "Mann's Fate" by Hot Tuna
3) "Water Song" by 
Hot Tuna

the Project Censored Show:


Host: Mickey Huff 
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