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Kenn Burrows of San Francisco State University returns to the program to talk about SFSU's annual Gandhi-King Season of Nonviolence. 
Then Neal Gorenflo of Shareable.net explains how his website aims to facilitate cooperative problem-solving around the world. 
Finally, historian Michael Morey introduces his new biography of David Fagen, the buffalo soldier who in 1898 switched sides and joined 
the Philippine war for independence.
Kenn Burrows leads the Holistic Health Center at San Francisco State University, and organizes the annual Gandhi-King Season of Nonviolence. 
Neal Gorenflo is the co-founder of Shareable.net, as well as an author and consultant. Michael Morey is the author of "Fagen: An African American 
Renegade in the Philippine-American War," just published by the University of Wisconsin Press.

Break information:
--1957 TV interview of MLK
--MLK speech
--"Masters of War" by Odetta

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