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Occupying Free Speech Radio- Our One-Year Anniversary Show covering major news stories that were under reported or ignored by the corporate media.

Today’s show we celebrate one year on the air at KPFA Pacifica Free Speech Radio as part of the Morning Mix; we’ll hear an interview with Prof. Robert McChesney, a leading scholar and activist for media reform, on the state of the media in the US; we’ll hear from Steve Zeltzer of Work Week Radio; film producer Cindy Piester joins us to talk about the new film “On the Dark Side in Al Doura, A Soldier in the Shadows” that Addresses Soldier’s War Crimes Allegations & Iraq Atrocity Photos and we’ll also speak with the father of US Army Ranger John Needham (Michael Needham) to tell his son’s story; and we round out our one year anniversary show on Pacifica with a few words from interim GM at KPFA Andrew Phillips and a short conversation with Media Roots founder and PC contributor Abby Martin.

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