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Project Censored - 10.26.21

Program Summary:
With British courts nearing a possible decision on whether to extradite Julian Assange to the U.S., Jeff Mackler speaks to Mickey
about the campaign to free Assange (the founder of the Wikileaks web site). Then we hear a conversation with online journalist
Kevin Gosztola about the Assange case, as well as cases of several U.S. whistleblowers. 
Jeff Mackler is a member of  www.AssangeDefense.org  and a co-organizer of a Oct. 23 free-Assange demonstration in Oakland, CA.
He's also on the board of the United National Antiwar Coalition.
Kevin Gosztola is the managing editor of the news web site www.Shadowproof.com   He has covered the Julian Assange legal proceedings
in the UK from the beginning, as well as other press-freedom and whistleblower cases.
Mickey's conversation with Kevin Gosztola is a rebroadcast from a Project Censored Show of this past August

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Project Censored - 10.20.21

Program Summary:
September 17, 2021 was the tenth anniversary of the start of Occupy Wall Street. Journalist Michael Levitin was there at its beginning,
and, among other roles, edited the Occupy Wall Street Journal. His new book Generation Occupy, chronicles the history of the Occupy
movement and its ongoing influence. He and Mickey Huff spoke in a Zoom event presented by Diablo Valley College on October 14.
Michael Levitin is a widely-published journalist who in 2011 started the Occupy Wall Street Journal. Prior to taking part in Occupy,
he wrote for publications such as the Financial Times and Los Angeles Times. He now teaches journalism at Diablo Valley College.
His web site is www.michaellevitin.com 

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Project Censored - 10.12.21

Program Summary:
In the aftermath of Facebook whistleblower Frances Haugen's testimony to Congress,
Mickey and his guests look at the ongoing issues of social media's social responsibility,
or lack of responsibility. Were most of Haugen's disclosures already known?
And what actions should be taken to reduce the harm caused by the behavior
of Facebook and the other digital media giants?
Alan MacLeod is a media critic, a staff writer at Mint Press News, and a contributor
to many other publications. He's also the author of "Bad News From Venezuela."
Nolan Higdon teaches history and media studies at California State University, East Bay.
He's also the author of "The Anatomy of Fake News"

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Project Censored - 10.05.21

Program Summary:
On the 20th anniversary of the September 11th attacks, Code Pink, Massachusetts Peace Action, Project Censored
and other organizations held an online seminar on the worldwide toll of the US "War On Terror," and strategies for
resisting militarism in the years to come. This week's Project Censored Show presents excerpts from some of the speeches
at that event. This is the second half of a two-part series; the first was aired in the Project Censored Show of 9-20-21.
Some of the participants' presentations have been edited due to time constraints or audio quality issues.
The original webinar is over three hours long, and can be viewed in its entirety at

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