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Project Censored - 07.27.21

Mickey's guest for the hour is political scientist Aaron Good. Good recently completed writing a critique
of the latest BBC documentary from Adam Curtis ("Can't Get You Out of My Head"), ultimately concluding
that the work is intended to distract and hide rather than reveal. His conversation with Mickey covers issues
from the JFK assassination to changes in the world financial system in the 1970s.
Aaron Good holds a doctorate in political science from Temple University. His three-part critique
of Adam Curtis can be found online at www.kennedysandking.com    He has a book, American Exception:
Empire and the Deep State, scheduled for release in 2022.
Host: Mickey Huff 
Producer: Anthony Fest

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Project Censored - 07.20.21

This week's program presents edited audio of a July 13, 2021 Zoom conversation in which
Mickey hosted author Dan Kovalik. Kovalik spoke about his latest work, "Cancel This Book:
The Progressive Case Against Cancel Culture." Kovalik warns of the dangers of 'cancel culture'
on the left, and advocates instead for dialogue and tolerance of differing opinions.
Dan Kovalik is a law professor and a prolific author; some of his recent books
include "No More War," and "The Plot to Overthrow Venezuela."
Host: Mickey Huff 
Producer: Anthony Fest

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Project Censored - 07.14.21

How did the dominant corporate media cover Joe Biden's first 100 days as President? And how has media coverage of
Biden differed from that given to Donald Trump?  Mickey is joined by Emil Marmol and Nolan Higdon to discuss a forthcoming article
the three of them wrote on these topics.
Then Jennifer Lyons speaks about her new academic study of left-populist podcasts, and how their perspectives differ from those of
legacy media such as cable TV.
Nolan Higdon teaches at California State University, East Bay. He and Emil Marmot are frequent contributors to Project Censored.
Their forthcoming article will be titled, "Returning to Neoliberal Normalcy."
Jennifer Lyons teaches History at Diablo Valley College; her forthcoming article on left-populist media was coauthored with Nolan Higdon.

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