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Project Censored - 09.29.20

As well as being the director of Project Censored, Mickey Huff is a faculty member at California's Diablo Valley College.
This past April, he was invited to deliver the annual Faculty Lecture (via Zoom); he spoke on the topic “Make America Think Again.”
Drawing on his years of teaching and research, his talk explored both distant and recent media history, and offered ideas for both
individual and societal action. His speech, excerpted for this week's program, was the 56th annual Faculty Lecture at DVC.
Mickey Huff is co-chair of History at Diablo Valley College in Contra Costa County, where he has taught for 20 years.

He is also the director of Project Censored, and the co-editor of Project Censored's annual collection of censored
or underreported stories.

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Project Censored - 09.08.20

Reporter-turned-media-reformer Sue Wilson joins the program to remind listeners that in spite of extensive and destructive media deregulation,
radio and TV stations still have a legal obligation to serve the public interest; she calls on citizens to demand the FCC firmly enforce
this mandate. In the final 15 minutes of the show, Nolan Higdon provides a skeptical review of CNN's new documentary about fake news.

Sue Wilson was an award-winning radio and television reporter, and is now a media-reform organizer.

Nolan Higdon teaches history and media studies at California State University, East Bay.


Music-break information:
1) "The Resistance" by 2 Cellos

2) "The Truth Won't Fade Away" by Procol Harum

3) "Blasting Cap" by Preston Reed

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Project Censored - 09.01.20

With the Democratic and Republican conventions recently concluded, Mickey is joined by two media analysts to examine the substance and the coverage of those events, and to take note of other stories that have drawn either too much or too little attention from the dominant US media outlets.

Alan MacLeod is a media critic, a staff writer at Mint Press News, and has also contributed to many other publications.

Robin Andersen teaches at Fordham University, and writes for Fair.org, Common Dreams, and other outlets.
Her latest book is "Media, Central American Refugees, and the U.S. Border Crisis."

Music-break information:
1) "Lost in a Lost World" by the Moody Blues
2) "Politician" by Cream
3) "What About Me" by Quicksilver Messenger Service

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