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Project Censored - 06.30.20

Mickey's guest for the hour is Nolan Higdon; their subject is fake news and Higdon's forthcoming book,
"The Anatomy of Fake News." Their discussion includes a look at the long history of fake news, 
as well as Higdon's proposed checklist for identifying a story as fake news.  

Nolan Hidgon teaches teaches history and media studies at California State University, East Bay, 
and is a frequent contributor to the annual Project Censored books. He and Mickey Huff are the authors 
of the recent book "United States of Distraction."

Music-break information:
1) "Lucifer" by the Alan Parsons Project
2) "Daily News" by Tom Paxton
3) "Pipeline" by the Alan Parsons Project

the Project Censored Show:

Host: Mickey Huff

Producers: Anthony Fest & Dennis Murphy

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Project Censored - 06.23.20

As the concept of "defunding the police" is discussed nationwide, this week's program offers an example of 
how to replace policing and discipline with community-based approaches. Mickey's guests explain the theory, 
practice and benefits of using 'restorative justice' in the context of public schools.

Amber Yang is a Restorative Justice & Wellness Coordinator at Novato High School in Marin County, California. 
Phoebe Smith is a long-time public-school teacher and teacher trainer, and is now a consultant to school districts 
on restorative-justice practices. 
Music-break info:
1) "Human Nature" by 2 Cellos
2) "Blasting Cap" by Preston Reed

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Project Censored - 06.17.20

Author Dan Kovalik joins the program to explain why the "humanitarian" wars of the U.S. and its allies
only make life even worse for the people they ostensibly protect. Then free-press advocate Chris Finan 
produces evidence that police around the US are deliberately attacking journalists covering the recent 
Black Lives Matter demonstrations.  

Dan Kovalik is a law professor and author; his latest book, "No More War," is from Skyhorse Publishing.
Chris Finan is executive director of the National Coalition Against Censorship, 
Music-break information:
1) "America" by the Nice
2) "Masters of War" by Odetta
3) "Twilight Zone" by Golden Earring

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Project Censored - 06.02.20

Mickey's first guest this week is Robin Andersen, who explains the misleading consequences of
portraying the coronavirus crisis as a "war;" she and Mickey also review the media treatment
of the police murder of George Floyd. Then Eleanor Goldfield returns to the show to describe
her new documentary "Hard Road of Hope," a look at the history of labor and environmental-health 
struggles in West Virginia. 


Robin Andersen teaches communications and media studies at Fordham University in New York. 
Her recent article "A Pandemic Is Not A War," can be found at fair.org/home/a-pandemic-is-not-a-war   
Eleanor Goldfield is a journalist, artist and organizer; her web site is www.artkillingapathy.com  
Music-break information:
1) "Gimme Some Truth" by John Lennon
2) "Uncle Sam Goddamn" by Brother Ali
3) "Fire In The Hole" by Hazel Dickens
the Project Censored Show:


Host: Mickey Huff

Producers: Anthony Fest and Dennis Murphy


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