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Project Censored - 04.28.20

Historian Peter Kuznick returns to the Project Censored Show to discuss
his latest project: working with a team of other scholars and activists to
create and publicize a "Covid 19 Solidarity Manifesto." It demands that
world governments redirect resources away from war and armaments
toward serving the needs of all people, by way of universal health care
and education, a basic income for all, and other vital reforms.


Peter Kuznick is Professor of History at American University in Washington DC, 
and directs the Nuclear Studies Program at that institution.
He and Oliver Stone wrote the groundbreaking book "The Untold History of the United States," 
and also produced a Showtime documentary series based on the book. 
More information can be found at www.untoldhistory.com

Music-break info:
1) "Simmer" by Lisa Hilton
2)  "Let's Work Together" by Canned Heat 
3) "Pipeline" by the Alan Parsons Project


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Project Censored - 04.21.20

For the first half of the program, Andy Lee Roth describes his research indicating that Google and other internet giants are filtering out material from LGBT publications,
yet allowing anti-gay hate 'speech.' Then attorney Peter Obstler explains a federal lawsuit against Youtube that he filed on behalf of several gay or lesbian video producers 
-- a case that might clarify whether internet platforms like Youtube have First Amendment obligations.

Andy Lee Roth is Associate Director of Project Censored and co-editor of its annual "Censored" books.

His recent article "Queer Erasure" is in the Spring 2020 issue of the Index on Censorship. 
Peter Obstler is a partner in the San Francisco office of the Browne George Ross law firm.

Andy Lee Roth's recent article can be found at
Music-break Information: 
1) "Lucifer" by the Alan Parsons Project
2) "The Watcher" by Dave Holland
3) "Smooth Criminal" by 2 Cellos 

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Project Censored - 04.14.20

Mickey's guest for the hour is media scholar Steve Macek of North Central College in suburban Chicago.
Macek also compiled Chapter 2 of Censored 2020, "Media Democracy In Action." He summarizes some of
the victories for transparency, press freedom, and worker perspectives that are described in that chapter.
Among the organizations and individuals cited are freelance journalist Kathryn Foxhall, transparency
campaigner Russ Kick, LaborNotes.org and PropagandaCritic.com

Music-break Information: 
1) "Blasting Cap" by Preston Reed
2) "Beck's Bolero" by Jeff Beck
3) "There Is Power In A Union" by Billy Bragg

the Project Censored Show:

Host: Mickey Huff 

Producers: Anthony Fest & Dennis Murphy

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Project Censored - 04.07.20

Mickey's guest for the full hour is media scholar Victor Pickard of the University of Pennsylvania.
They discuss Pickard's latest book, "Democracy Without Journalism?"  Pickard describes the dimensions
of recent years' precipitous drop in the employment of reporters, and its likely consequences for society.
He explains the historical roots of this new crisis, and offers remedies that center on building publicly-supported 
journalism institutions that aren't coupled to commercial values.

Music-break Information: 
1) "Money" by Pink Floyd
2) "Selling the News" by Switchfoot
3) "Pipeline" by the Alan Parsons Project

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