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Project Censored - 09.29.21

Program Summary:
This week is Banned-Books Week 2021, an annual affirmation of Americans' right to read.
In the first half of the program, Mickey and his guests look at some recent efforts to restrict
students' choice of books in Ohio and Texas.
September 2021 is also the tenth anniversary of the start of Occupy Wall Street.
Author Michael Levitin joins Mickey to look at Occupy's origins and its ongoing influence.


Nora Pelizzari is Director of Communications at the National Coalition Against Censorship (www.ncac.org).
Jackie Farmer is Senior Program Officer at the Foundation for Individual Rights in Education (www.thefire.org).
Michael Levitin is a widely-published journalist who in 2011 started the Occupy Wall Street Journal.
His new book is Generation Occupy: Reawakening American Democracy. His web site is www.michaellevitin.com

Other web sites mentioned on this program:

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Project Censored - 09.21.21

Program Summary:
On the 20th anniversary of the September 11th attacks, Code Pink, Massachusetts Peace Action, Project Censored
and other organizations held an online seminar on the worldwide toll of the US "War On Terror," and strategies
for resisting militarism in the years to come. This week's Project Censored Show presents excerpts from
some of the speeches at that event.
The original webinar is over three hours long, and can be viewed in its entirety at

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Project Censored - 09.07.21

Program Summary:
For the upcoming twentieth anniversary of the September 11th attacks, Mickey and his guests examine some still-unanswered questions about the attacks and the events that preceded them, notably why several already-identified terror suspects were not taken into custody by US authorities.
Peter Dale Scott is the author of dozens of books of poetry and prose, including Coming to JakartaThe Road to 9/11, and American War Machine. Aaron Good is Covert Action Magazine's Editor-at-Large, and author of the forthcoming book American Exception: Empire and the Deep State. Ben Howard is an independent researcher based in Boston. The three have written a forthcoming article for Covert Action Magazine for the Sept. 11 anniversary.

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Project Censored - 09.14.21

Program Summary:
As the nation marks 20 years since the Sept 11 attacks, Mickey interviews Ray McGinnis, the author of a new book that looks at numerous questions that remain unanswered by official authorities, and were not even asked by the 9/11 Commission. Then long-time 9/11 researcher Ken Jenkins explains why activists must be on the lookout for logical fallacies in their own thinking, especially on controversial issues such as 9/11.
Ray McGinnis is the author of the new book "Unanswered Questions: What the September Eleventh Families Asked
and the 9/11 Commission Ignored." He is a freelance writer and writing instructor. Ken Jenkins is an independent video producer and long-time Sept 11 researcher. He holds a degree in electrical engineering, and has also studied psychology.

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Project Censored - 08.31.21

Program Summary:
In the first segment, journalist Dave Lindorff shares the little-known story of Ted Hall (1925-1999),
a teenage science prodigy who worked on the WWII Manhattan Project, then shared his atomic secrets
with the USSR, to ensure that the US wouldn't be the world's only possessor of nuclear weapons.
Then Dan O'Connell and Scott Peters speak about their new book, a collection of writings by scholars
who helped fight for the betterment of California farmworkers and farming communities. 
Dave Lindorff is a veteran journalist and has written four books. His recent article about Ted Hall can be found at
Dan O'Connell is executive director of the Central Valley Partnership. Scott Peters teaches at Cornell University.
Their new book is "In the Struggle: Scholars and the Fight against Industrial Agribusiness in California."

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