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Project Censored - 08.24.21

Former Congressman and presidential candidate Dennis Kucinich is Mickey's first guest; he's written a new book
(The Division of Light and Powerabout a lonely battle he waged to preserve public power in Cleveland during his term as mayor.
In the second half of the show, poet Lisa Wells speaks about her new book Believers: Making a Life at the End of the World.
It's a collection of biographies of a wide range of individuals who've remained dedicated to preserving and enhancing pieces of
land, despite the spectre of catastrophic climate change.
Dennis Kucinich served eight terms in the US House of Representatives, and twice ran for President.
But his greatest battle may have been in his one term as mayor of Cleveland in the late 1970s, when he fought off an attempt
to privatize the city's municipally-owned electric system. His new book, The Division of Light and Power, tells the story of that struggle.
Lisa Wells is a poet and author based in Portland, Oregon. Her conversation with Mickey Huff took place as a Zoom event
sponsored by KPFA-FM (Berkeley, CA) and Project Censored.

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Project Censored - 08.17.21

The first guest on this week's program is Kevin Gosztola of www.Shadowproof.com  .
He and Mickey speak about notable whistleblowers who've been in the news recently, including Julian Assange,
Daniel Hale, and Reality Winner.
In the second half of the show, a look at the fallout from a 2020 Congressional election, when Shahid Buttar ran again
House Speaker Nancy Pelosi in her San Francisco district. Although Pelosi was easily re-elected, Buttar says elements of
the local Democratic Party retaliated against him for challenging Pelosi, by spreading groundless allegations
of personal misconduct. And, he says, multiple local media outlets covered the allegations despite the absence of
credible evidence. Buttar joins the program, along with Gloria Berry, a member of the party's Central Committee
("DCCC") for San Francisco.
Kevin Gosztola is the managing editor of the news web site www.Shadowproof.com 
He has covered the Julian Assange legal proceedings in the UK from the beginning, as well as other press-freedom and whistleblower cases.
Shahid Buttar is a civil-rights lawyer, and has worked at the Bill of Rights Defense Committee and the Electronic Frontier Foundation.
In the 2020 election, he challenged long-time incumbent Nancy Pelosi for her seat in California's 12th District (San Francisco).
Gloria Berry is a Navy veteran, and the founder of a womens' mentoring organization.

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Project Censored - 08.10.21

Mickey's guests for the hour are Susan Zakin and Steve Erickson. Zakin created the online journal
www.JournalOfThePlagueYears.ink as a place for new literature and new kinds of literature,
especially work examining life in the pandemic. Novelist Steve Erickson is a contributing editor to the site. 
Susan Zakin is an environmental journalist, and the founder of Journal of the Plague Years.
Her previous works include "Coyotes and Town Dogs."
Steve Erickson is a prolific novelist, and teaches at the University of California's Riverside campus.
His latest work, "American Stutter," is published at Journal of the Plague Years.

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Project Censored - 08.04.21

Mickey's first guest is long-time media activist and "culture jammer" Kalle Lasn,
the founder of Adbusters magazine. He summarizes the history of Adbusters,
and explains some recent developments, including the decision by Canada's dominant drug-store chain
to cease selling the magazine.
In the second half, Chase Palmieri returns to the program to explain the project he founded,
www.credder.com, the web site that gives news readers a place to evaluate the quality of news articles.
Kalle Lasn lives in Vancouver, British Columbia, where he founded Adbusters magazine in 1989;
he remains its editor-in-chief. He is also the author of three books, Culture JamDesign Anarchy, and Meme Wars.
Chase Palmieri's work in the restaurant business inspired his idea that news consumers should have
a review site for journalism analogous to Yelp's role for restaurants; to provide this opportunity,
and create an incentive for news outlets to improve their product, he created www.credder.com 
the Project Censored Show:


Host: Mickey Huff 
Producer: Anthony Fest

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