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Project Censored - 02.25.20

Mickey begins the show with a conversation with academic colleague John Corbally
their topic is "Why History Matters." Corbally has just completed a new textbook 
on 20th Century history, one that endeavors to include the perspectives of third-world 
nations, and of everyday people, rather than only the deeds of leaders and elites.
In the second half-hour, Chase Palmieri rejoins the program as a guest,
to offer an update on the latest developments at Credder.com, a web site
that offers its users the ability to rate media outlets' coverage of news stories.
John Corbally teaches history at Diablo Valley College in Pleasant Hill, California.
His new book is "The Twentieth Century World, 1914 to the Present," from Bloomsbury Press.

Chase Palmieri cohosts the Project Censored Show, and is a co-founder of Credder.com

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Project Censored - 02.11.20

Mickey's first guest, author Rosa del Duca, recounts her personal journey from teenage National Guard recruit to conscientious objector, 
and the maze that all would-be-COs must navigate.
Then Nolan Higdon revisits the show to discuss a new study of corporate-media bias against the Bernie Sanders campaign. 
Rosa del Duca is an author and singer-songwriter; her web site is www.rosadelduca.com  
Her book about her National Guard experiences is "Breaking Cadence," from Ooligan Press.
Nolan Higdon teaches history and media studies at Cal State East Bay, and is a frequent guest on the Project Censored Show.
Music-break information:
1) "The Universal Soldier" by Buffy St Marie 
2) "Politician" by Cream 
3) "Selling the News" by Switchfoot  

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Project Censored - 02.04.20

As Northern California communities tally the toll of disastrous fires and repeated power shutoffs,
Peter Phillips and Tim Ogburn say it's time to replace the investor-owned Pacific Gas & Electric Co.
with a public power authority. They say the recent installation of a new board of directors at PG&E
won't solve the problems, because the new directors, like their predecessors, represent the global one-percent,
not the utility's customers.
Peter Phillips is Professor of Sociology at Sonoma State University, former director of Project Censored, and the 
cofounder of the Project Censored Show. His most recent book is "Giants."
Tim Ogburn is a manager for the California EPA, and an environmental consultant.
Their article about PG&E can be found at
Music-break information:
1) "The Resistance" by 2 Cellos 
2) "Let's Work Together" by Canned Heat
3) "The Way It Is" by Bruce Hornsby

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