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Veteran journalist Dave Lindorff is the first guest; he describes the misrepresentations and complete falsehoods
that US corporate media has been presenting about Venezuela. Then New York activist Michael White explains
how real estate and other private interests have been attempting to close or shrink some of New York's most
important public libraries, and how citizens are fighting back.

Music-break information:
1) "Sirius" by the Alan Parsons Project
2) "The Resistance" by Two Cellos
3) "Lunar Sea" by Camel
Web sites mentioned on this week's program:

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Project Censored - 05.14.19

Peter Phillips returns to the Project Censored Show, this time as a guest, to discuss his new book, 
"Giants: The Global Power Elite." The product of years of research, "Giants" identifies the members of 
the 'transnational corporate class:' the institutions and individuals that control trillions of dollars 
of the world's wealth, and wield the political power that these riches confer.


This program is a rebroadcast of a Project Censored Show previously aired.

Peter Phillips is Professor of Sociology at Sonoma State University in California.
He's also the retired director of Project Censored, and co-founder of the Project Censored radio show. 
"Giants" is his 18th book, and is published by Seven Stories Press.
Web sites mentioned on this week's program:

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Project Censored - 05.07.19

Author and history professor Andres Resendez speaks about "the other slavery" -- the enslavement 
of millions of Native Americans from the time of Columbus to the 1900s, a subject often overlooked 
in history curricula. Resendez spoke in Berkeley, CA in April 2017; Mickey Huff was the host of that event. 
This program includes Resendez' speech, and part of the question-and-answer period that followed. 

Andres Resendez' book, "The Other Slavery," was published in 2016 by Houghton-Mifflin. 
It is also in paperback from Mariner Books.  

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Project Censored - 05.01.19

Co-host Chase Palmieri takes a turn as a guest, to explain his latest project - www.credder.com.
On this site, readers can evaluate news stories, thereby creating a rating system for journalism 
akin to how restaurants are rated by customers on Yelp. 


Chase Palmieri is the co-host of the Project Censored Show. For the past several years, he has been 
working on an internet-based system for works of journalism to be evaluated by readers. 
He has previously been a guest on the program to explain www.tribeworthy.com, an earlier version of Credder.
The site is planned to go into full operation in late May.

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