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Archive for December 2018

Project Censored - 12.18.18

In the aftermath of the Facebook/Twitter purge of hundreds of pages, artist/journalist 
Eleanor Goldfield explains the need for an alternative to those sites. Then Bill Ottman 
describes his new social-media site, Minds.com, and how it differs from the giants. 

Web sites mention on this week's program:

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Project Censored - 12.11.18

Long-time investigative reporter Dave Lindorff explores the Pentagon's financial mysteries, 
including massive unaccounted-for spending and decades of non-compliance with audit law. 
Later in the program, a look at the real record of the late President George H.W. Bush. 

Dave Lindorff is a widely-published independent journalist. His article on financial stonewalling 
at the Pentagon appears in the December 10 issue of The Nation, and at www.thenation.com
More of Lindorff's work is available at www.thiscantbehappening.net 

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