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Project Censored - 10.23.18

Mickey, Chase and their guests analyze the October 11-12 mass deletion of pages or accounts by Facebook and Twitter. 
The two social-media giants eliminated over 800 pages, many of them from independent-journalism or 
anti-establishment-politics sites. 
PM "Patti" Beers is social media manager for theantimedia.com; her organization's page was among the many deleted by Facebook.
Mnar Muhawish is editor-in-chief at Mint Press News, and is concerned that Mint Press might be targeted in a future purge.
the Project Censored Show:
Hosts: Mickey Huff  & Chase Palmieri

Producers: Anthony Fest & Dennis Murphy
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9/11 activists Jenna Orkin and Jon Gold are Mickey's guests for the hour. Rather than considering who the perpetrators might've been, these guests discuss the public health disaster that followed the attacks, when thousands of emergency workers and area residents became ill from the toxins spread by the fires and collapse of the World Trade Center. Jon Gold also calls out some of the lies told by politicians (both federal and local) about 9/11, as well as the failures of the 9/11 Commission.
This is a rebroadcast of the Project Censored Show of July 16, 2018
Jenna Orkin has written four books, the most recent being "Ground Zero Wars." She focuses on the public health impacts of the 9/11 disaster. At the time of the attacks, her son attended high school four blocks from the WTC.
Jon Gold has been investigating 9/11 for over ten years. His latest work is "We Were Lied To About 9/11," a digital collection of transcripts from interviews with journalists, whistleblowers, peace activists, relatives of victims, and others who've worked to uncover the story. 
Web sites mentioned on this week's show:

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Project Censored - 10.09.18

Mickey Huff and Chase Palmieri are joined by several of the contributors to "Censored 2019,"
the latest edition, just-published, of Project Censored's annual compilations of censored stories
and media analysis. They discuss some of the "Top 25" censored stories, as well as new developments
in media.
Andy Lee Roth is associate director of Project Censored, and co-editor of Censored 2019 (with Mickey Huff). 
He holds a PhD in Sociology from UCLA and teaches in the Seattle area. Steve Macek teaches at North Central College 
in Illinois, and is the author of "Urban Nightmares," a study of the negative depictions of cities in US media. Eleanor Goldfield 
is a journalist, musician, and multimedia artist. 
Music-break info:
1) song: Lunar Sea artist: Camel
album: Lunar Sea label: Decca
2) song: Phoenix artist: Wishbone Ash
album: Wishbone Ash label: Decca
3) song: Ride Across the River  Artist: Dire Straits

album: Brothers in Arms  label: Warner Bros.

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