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Project Censored - 05.29.18

Discussions on the corporate media's depiction of Russia, a new documentary about 'fake news,' and rising voter discontent.
the Project Censored Show:


Hosts: Nolan Higdon, Nicholas Baham III, Desiree McSwain
Producer: Mitch Scorza

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Project Censored - 05.22.18

For the first half of the show, Mickey's guests are Pratap Chatterjee and Khalil Bendib, co-authors of the new book Verax ('truth-teller'). 
A nonfiction graphic 'novel,' Verax examines the US electronic-surveillance programs, and the whistleblowers who exposed them.
Then, in the wake of the latest sexual-harassment scandals in Hollywood, media scholar Julie Frechette joins the program for a discussion of 
the #MeToo campaign and how corporate media portrays issues of sexual harassment and violence, within and beyond the entertainment industry. 

Pratap Chatterjee is Executive Director of Corp Watch, and a veteran investigative journalist. His books include Halliburton's Army and Iraq, Inc.: A Profitable Occupation.
Khalil Bendib is a political cartoonist and radio journalist.
Julie Frechette is Professor of Communication at Worcester State University in Massachusetts, and also co-president of the Action Coalition for Media Education.

Web sites mentioned on this week's program:


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Project Censored - 05.15.18

Susan Rahman hosts the first half of the show, and speaks with three students researching the history of Palestine, 
and the brutality of today's Israeli occupation. Then Mickey Huff interviews Heidi Kramer, whose new book -- 
"Media Monsters" -- documents the unprecedented levels of violence in modern children's media, including movies, 
TV and video games.

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Project Censored - 05.08.18

A conversation about gender, race and class in media with Bill Yousman and Lori Bindig-Yousman. 
Also on the program, University of San Francisco student Sage Healy speaks about his work on 
a new Media Freedom Foundation documentary.
the Project Censored Show:


Hosts: Nolan Higdon, Nicholas Baham III, Aimee Casey

Producer: Mitch Scorza

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Project Censored - 05.01.18

Project Censored's annual "top 25 most censored stories" are gleaned from hundreds of stories nominated by students and faculty at participating campuses. On this week's show, four students from San Francisco State University discuss stories they've discovered and documented in their research; these stories involve issues ranging from clean energy to the propagation of gun culture in high schools. 

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