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Project Censored - 02.27.18

Author/scholar Henry Giroux is this week's guest for the duration of the program; 
he and Mickey discuss the historical forces that paved the way for a Trump presidency, 
and how to resist the threat of facism in the years ahead, especially by way of education. 
Henry Giroux teaches at McMaster University in Canada, and is the author of more than 
60 books on education, politics, and society.

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Project Censored - 02.20.18

In 1988 Edward Herman and Noam Chomsky published their influential work, "Manufacturing Consent." 
One of the book's features was the introduction of the 'propaganda model,' the Herman/Chomsky analysis 
of how powerful institutions shape news reporting to serve their interests.
In this Project Censored Show, media scholar Rob Williams suggests how the propaganda model 
can be adapted and updated to address modern online media.
Rob Williams teaches at the University of Vermont, and also works with the Action Coalition for Media Education
and the Global Critical Media Literacy Project. 

His print article on updating the Herman/Chomsky propaganda model can be found at:

and at:

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Project Censored - 02.13.18

Mickey and Peter devote this week's show to discussions about the media, including both critiques of corporate media 
and a briefing on the latest work from Project Censored. Their first guest, Rob Williams, speaks about fighting corporate fake news, 
and introduces his suggested additions to the 'propaganda model' set forth by Noam Chomsky and Edward Herman in 1988's "Manufacturing Consent." 
Then Telesur contributor Abby Martin explains the corporate media's gross misrepresentations of the conflict in Venezuela. Finally, Andy Lee Roth 
joins Mickey to discuss some of the stories and ideas in "Censored 2018," Project Censored's just-published compendium of the latest underreported stories. 
This is a rebroadcast of the Project Censored Show of October 2, 2017.
Rob Williams teaches at the University of Vermont and also works with the Action Coalition for Media Education and the Global Critical Media Literacy Project. 
Abby Martin hosts "the Empire Files" show on Telesur, and formerly hosted "Breaking the Set" on RT. 
Andy Lee Roth teaches at Citrus College in Southern California. and was co-editor (with Mickey Huff) of "Censored 2018."

Web sites mentioned on this week's show:

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Project Censored - 02.06.18

On this Project Censored show, the topic is immigration policy and higher education. Specifically, Nolan and Nick take a look at the DACA controversy, 
and how it is being reported on in the corporate media. This show also features a discussion with college student activists about these and related issues. 
As well, there's a discussion of the corporate press and its credibility regarding the Trump administration.
the Project Censored Show:  
Hosts: Nolan Higdon and Nicholas Baham
Producer: Mitch Scorza

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