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Project Censored - 10.31.17

For the first half of the program, Mickey speaks with Rachel Jollie of Index on Censorship,  who explains the vital role of radio in breaking through governments' attempts to control  the flow of information. Next, Michael Levitin interviews Anna Callahan with The Incorruptibles,  about recruiting and electing authentic grassroots candidates to local office. Finally, Mickey speaks  with Elle Aviv Newton of Poets Reading the News, a year-old online newspaper that presents journalism via poetry.
Rachel Jollie is editor at Index on Censorship, a UK-based organization that tracks government 
suppression of media and free speech across the globe. Anna Callahan is an organizer with
The Incorruptibles. Elle Aviv Newtonis cofounder and editor-in-chief of Poets Reading the News.

Web sites mentioned on this week's program:


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Project Censored - 10.24.17

Historian and author Andres Resendez speaks about "the other slavery" -- the enslavement 
of millions of Native Americans from the time of Columbus to the 1900s, a subject often overlooked 
in history curricula. Resendez spoke in Berkeley, CA in April 2017; Mickey Huff was the host of that event. 
This program includes Resendez' speech, and part of the question-and-answer period that followed. 

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Project Censored - 10.17.17

Mickey and guest co-host Kenn Burrows spend the first half of the program on a discussion of health effects arising from cell-phone technology, and why corporate media are not paying enough heed to these issues. The panel of guests also explain SB649, a California bill that would have removed local authority over the placement of new 5G cell phone transmitters. 

Later in the program, Project Censored correspondent Michael Levitan speaks with author and TV host Eleanor Goldfield about the limitations of online activism. And the show concludes with Nolan Higdon, Nicholas Baham and Desiree McSwain discussing their chapter in Censored 2018, "the New Authoritarianism."
Kenn Burrows teaches Holistic Health Studies at San Francisco State University. Lloyd Morgan is an electronic engineer; he also studies the connections between electromagnetic radiation and cancer. Audrey Johnson is a biology student at San Francisco State University, and co-president of the campus Project Censored club. Ellen Marx is the director of the California Brain Tumor Association. Reinette Senum is a city council member in Nevada City, California. Eleanor Goldfield is host of the Free-Speech TV show “Act Out” and author of the new book “Paradigm Lost.”
Update: After this program was recorded, California Governor Jerry Brown vetoed SB649.
Web sites mentioned in this week's program:

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Project Censored - 10.10.17

Mickey and his guests spend the hour addressing election integrity: are US elections clean, and how can voters be sure? 
The guests suggest that there are serious doubts about the validity of some recent elections, and ask why corporate media have ignored these issues. 
Richard Tamm and Jim Soper are are members of the National Voting Rights Task Force, and organizers of a national conference on election integrity
that was held in Berkeley, CA on October 7 and 8. Jonathan Simon is executive director of the Election Defense Alliance, and the author of Code Red
a new book about electoral manipulation. Mark Crispin Miller teaches at New York University, and is the author of Fooled Again: How the Right Stole the 2004 Election.

Web sites for organizations and individuals mentioned on this week's show:

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Project Censored - 10.03.17

Mickey and Peter devote this week's show to discussions about the media, including both critiques of corporate media 
and a briefing on the latest work from Project Censored. Their first guest, Rob Williams, speaks about fighting corporate fake news, 
and introduces his suggested additions to the 'propaganda model' set forth by Noam Chomsky and Edward Herman in 1988's "Manufacturing Consent." 
Then Telesur contributor Abby Martin explains the corporate media's gross misrepresentations of the conflict in Venezuela. Finally, Andy Lee Roth 
joins Mickey to discuss some of the stories and ideas in "Censored 2018," Project Censored's just-published compendium of the latest underreported stories. 
Rob Williams teaches at the University of Vermont and also works with the Action Coalition for Media Education and the Global Critical Media Literacy Project. 
Abby Martin hosts "the Empire Files" show on Telesur, and formerly hosted "Breaking the Set" on RT. 
Andy Lee Roth teaches at Citrus College in Southern California. and was co-editor (with Mickey Huff) of "Censored 2018."

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