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Project Censored - 08.29.17

Peter Phillips and Michael Sukhov spend the hour in conversation with scholar/activist William Robinson. Addressing a wide range of topics, their discussion begins with Venezuela and corporate-media  misrepresentations of conditions around Latin America, then segues to US politics and the necessity of resisting facism. Later, Robinson opines on three possible futures for humanity. 

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Project Censored - 08.23.17

A conversation about surveillance and authoritarianism, with Kalemba Kizito.
the Project Censored Show:


Hosts: Nolan Higdon, Nicholas Baham and Desiree McSwain

Producer: Mitch Scorza

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Project Censored - 08.15.17

Authors Peter Dale Scott and David Talbot join Mickey for a discussion of the now-popular phrase "deep state," 
and its implications. They also share their thoughts on the best way forward for the left in the Trump era.
Peter Dale Scott is a retired diplomat and prolific author on politics and history; among his books are "Deep Politics 
and the Death of JFK," and "Drugs, Oil and War." David Talbot is the founder of Salon.com, and now a columnist for 
the San Francisco Chronicle; his most recent book is "The Devil's Chessboard."  

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Project Censored - 08.08.17

Nolan, Nicholas and Desiree speak with long-time community journalist Louis Laventure about how journalism needs to adapt to serve today's young people.

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Project Censored - 08.01.17

Historian and author Andres Resendez speaks about "the other slavery" -- the enslavement 
of millions of Native Americans from the time of Columbus to the 1900s, a subject often overlooked 
in history curricula. Resendez spoke in Berkeley, CA in April 2017; Mickey Huff was the host of that event. 
This program includes Resendez' speech, and part of the question-and-answer period that followed. 

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