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Project Censored - 12.20.16

For the first half of the program, Peter and Mickey discuss the conflict in Syria; their guest is independent journalist Eva Bartlett, 
who recently returned from Aleppo and is now on a U.S. speaking tour. She explains why most corporate media coverage of Syria 
doesn't depict the actual situation there. In the second half of the program, the guest is Joey Johnson, whose burning of a flag 
in 1984 became a U.S. Supreme Court free-speech case. Johnson is facing charges again over the burning of a flag outside 
the 2016 Republican National Convention. 
Web sites mentioned on the program:

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Project Censored - 12.13.16

In this rebroadcast of a Project Censored show from August, 2016, 
Mickey speaks with two authors in the new "Hot Books" series. 
First, Nicholas Schou discusses "Spooked: How the CIA Manipulates 
the Media and Hoodwinks Hollywood." Then Alexander Zaitchik describes 
his study of Trump voters, "Gilded Rage: A Wild Ride Through Donald Trump's America." 
Also on hand for the hour is author David Talbot, the founder and editorial director of Hot Books; 
he explains its mission, and describes some of the other titles in the Hot Books series.  
Web sites mentioned on the program:

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Project Censored - 12.06.16

In the first half of the program, mathematician Rick Luttmann discusses ranked-choice voting 
and why it is superior to the prevalent "plurality voting" system. Also, investigative journalist Greg Palast 
returns to Project Censored to explain how GOP vote-supression tactics may have stolen the 2016 election
(he calls it a "Jim Crow election").
In the second half of the program, two activists recently returned from Standing Rock describe the violence 
police there are inflicting on the water protectors and their allies. Nadya Tannous and Damanjeet Singh 
also explain why the Standing Rock confrontation is an anti-colonial struggle.

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