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Project Censored - 09.27.16

Banned-Books Week 2016 is here, and Mickey spends the hour in conversation with three
defenders of the "freedom to read." They explore some of the ways in which students'
access to books can be inhibited. In keeping with this year's BBW theme of "diversity",
the guests note that most books targeted for removal from school library shelves
are by and about people of color, LGBT individuals, or people with disabilities.

Emily Knox teaches at the University of Illinois, and is the author of "Book Banning in 
21st Century America." James LaRue is the director of the American Library Association's
Office of Intellectual Freedom. James Tager is the manager of PEN America's Free-Expression

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Project Censored - 09.13.16

In recognition of the 15th anniversary of the September 11 attacks, today's guest is Tony Rooke, 
producer of the recent documentary "Incontrovertible." The film focuses on the question, 
why did World Trade Center Building 7 fall, when it was not struck by a plane? 
"Incontrovertible" also is unique among 9/11 documentaries in that most of the individuals in the film 
are emergency responders - firefighters or police. 

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Project Censored - 09.06.16

Peter Phillips and guest co-host Michael Levitan spend the hour with Brian Wilson, the peace activist who survived 
being run over by a munitions train during a demonstration at a California naval base 29 years ago. Wilson recounts 
his transformation from Vietnam-War hawk to veteran to antiwar organizer, and also explains the connections between 
the peace movement and the environmental movement. Also on the program is film-maker Bo Boudart, who produced 
and directed a new documentary about Brian Wilson, "Paying the Price for Peace."

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