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Project Censored – 01.26.16

What role can civil disobedience play in the stuggle for social change? Peter explores this question with two guests: First, environmental organizer Tim DeChristopher recounts his experience interfering with a federal oil and gas lease auction, and how the legal doctrine of "necessity" can be used in environmental campaigns. 

Then Sunsara Taylor discusses the right-wing effort to supress womens' option of abortion, and the countercampaign 
to protect reproductive choice.

Tim DeChristopher is a climate campaigner, and the founder of two climate-action organizations. 
He spent 21 months in prison for submitting a false bid at a federal oil and gas auction in Utah in 2008.   www.timdechristopher.org

Sunsara Taylor is with StopPatriarchy.org, and also is a member of the Revolutionary Communist Party (www.revcom.us.)

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Project Censored – 01.19.16

Peter and Mickey spend the hour in conversation with historian Laurence Shoup. Shoup's new book, Wall Street's Think Tank, is a study of the Council on Foreign Relations; Shoup describes the CFRas "the most influential private organization in the country," and traces how it connects major U.S.corporations with government, academia, and media.

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Project Censored – 01.12.16

Linda Sartor speaks about her experiences as an 'unarmed peacekeeper' in conflict zones, including Occupied Palestine, Iraq, Afghanistan and Sri Lanka.  Her new book is "Turning Fear Into Power: One Woman's Journey Confronting the War on Terror."  www.lindasartor.info

At the end of the program, Anthony Montero discusses the the Black Radical Tradition Conference taking place in Philadelphia January 8 - 10.   Anthony Montero is an organizer of the conference, and taught African-AmericanStudies at Temple University.  www.theblackradicaltradition.org

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Independent journalist Ann Garrison hosts the program this week. She is a radio, print and online reporter who specializes in the Great Lakes region of Africa. She is a recipient of the Victoire Ingabire Democracy and Peace Prize.

Her first guest, author Edward Herman, discusses his recent book, "Enduring Lies," examining the falsehoods circulated by Western governments about the 1994 Rwandan genocide, and the ongoing use of that event as an excuse for military intervention around the world. Then Willy Nyamitwe speaks about the efforts by world and regional powers to oust Burundian President Pierre Nkurunziza, who was elected to a third term last summer.
Edward Herman is professor emeritus at the University of Pennsylvania; he writes about politics and media, and is best known as the co-author (with Noam Chomsky) of "Manufacturing Consent." Willy Nyamitwe is communications director for Burundian President Pierre Nkurunziza.

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