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Project Censored - 04.28.15

This week's program offers two perspectives on global capitalism and permanent war. Sociologist William Robinson makes the case that the present state of capitalism may be a "systemic crisis," something not seen in centuries. Then peace advocate Kathy Kelly relates her experiences, from Afghanistan to US prisons, and refutes the notion of"humanitarian war."
William Robinson teaches Sociology at UC Santa Barbara. Kathy Kelly is the founder of Voices for Creative Nonviolence.

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Project Censored - 04.21.15

On the Project Censored Show Mickey Huff and Peter Phillips discuss Smart Meters, Mass Surveillance, and Public Health Concerns. They’ll look at some of the controversies surrounding Smart Meters, including those revealed in e mails between CA PG&E and the CA PUC, among these are spying on customer use and sharing private information with third parties, which has been confirmed by the Northern California ACLU. They interview Cindy Sage of Sage Associates, an international environmental sciences consulting firm in Santa Barbara, and Sandi Maurer with the EMF Safety Network. They close the program in discussion with Kenn Burrows, longtime lecturer and director of the Holistic Health Leaning Center at San Francisco State University, where they address the precautionary principle and the broader and increasingly relevant public health risks associated with EMFs and WiFi technologies that are being recognized both in the scientific community and by governments around the world.

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Project Censored - 04.14.15

This week's Project Censored Show focuses on police violence and prisons. The program begins with Carl Dix examining the fatal shooting of Walter Scott in South Carolina. Then Jeff Mackler gives an update on the medical condition of Pennsylvania inmate Mumia abu Jamal, and we hear abu Jamal's latest recorded commentary. In the second half of the program, Maya Schenwar discusses her new book about the prison system, "Locked Down, Locked Out," and makes the case for shrinking the prison system.

Carl Dix is cofounder of the Stop-Mass-Incarceration Network; Jeff Mackler is director of the Mobilization to Free Mumia abu Jamal. Maya Schenwar is editor-in-chief of Truthout.org.

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Project Censored - 04.07.15

This week's show is a speech by author Peter Dale Scott in which he discusses both the "deep state" 
(the network of powerful institutions behind the elected officials) and the history and expansion of the 
federal "Continuity of Government" program. He spoke at Sonoma State University as part of the campus's 
first Social Justice Week March 26. 

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