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Project Censored - 01.27.15

Anthony Fest hosts two whistleblowers who speak out about sexual assault and harassment  in Veterans Administration hospitals, 
saying these offenses are pervasive in the VA system. And a Human Rights Watch investigator provides an update 
about forthcoming HRW reports on the problem. Guests include Monisha Rios a social worker and VA patient counselor; "Lisa" is a current VA patient who requested anonymity, both are Army veterans, and  Sara Dareshori is a lawyer and researcher at Human Rights Watch.

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Project Censored - 01.120.15

Mickey Huff and Peter Phillips interview  Dr. Carlos Torres is a Media Anthropologist at Sonoma State University. He has spent significant field research time in Chiapas Mexico, where he examined the diversity of emerging public media and truth telling. Additionally, they talk with Joseph Lough a lecturer in the Department of Economics, University of California, Berkeley. He recently returned from Bosnia after living there for the past year where he observed the formation of an occupy-like democracy movement and the creation of a people's Plenum.

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Project Censored - 01.13.15

Mickey Huff and and guest host Nolan Higdon interview Sarah van Gelder of Yes Magazine regarding notable victories on the social justice front in 2014, and recounts of some the year's "good news" stories.  Then media scholar Robin Andersen looks at the uproar 
over the movie "The Interview," and the computer hacking at Sony; Andersen reveals the close relationships 
between Hollywood and the Pentagon, past and present.

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Peter and Mickey discuss the  2015 edition of Project Censored's annual book on stories unreported or under-reported by the corporate media. 

The guests are Andy Lee Roth, co-editor of "Censored 2015," and two contributors to the book, Dorothy Kidd and Zara Zimbardo. Roth summarizes 
some of the "top 25 censored stories," and their common themes. Kidd wrote about the growing resistance to giant mining companies in the Americas; Zimbardo examined the cultural meanings behind the popularity of zombies in U-S entertainment media. 

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