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Co-hosts Peter Phillips and Mickey Huff spend the hour in conversation with media scholar Robert McChesney, 
discussing topics from political conditions in the U-S, post-capitalist democracy, and a plan for financing independent media. 
McChesney teaches at the University of Illinois; his latest book is "Blowing the Roof Off the Twenty-First Century."

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Even as cell phones become almost ubiquitous, evidence is accumulating that their emissions can cause brain tumors and other maladies. 
Peter and Mickey speak about the health hazards of cell phones withKevin Kunze,  Lloyd Morgan, and Max Anderson.
Kevin Kunze is the producer of the new documentary  "Mobilize: A Film About Cell Phone Radiation. "
Lloyd Morgan is Senior Researcher with the Environmental Health Trust.
Max Anderson is a member of the Berkeley City Council, and is working on local legislation to require more prominent safety instructions on cell phones.

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On the Project Censored Show for the week of December 5 on Pacifica Radio, Mickey Huff and Peter Phillips  discuss US Petro Dollar Hegemony and Global Imperialism. They interview Brazilian journalist Pepe Escobar about the price of oil and the real threat of war being pushed by US/NATO brinksmanship regarding Russia and China; in the second half of the program they are joined by independent journalist Mike Whitney (Counterpunch) and political analyst Eric Draitser (of Stop Imperialism) discussing the connection between the Ukraine, the sudden drop in oil prices, global imperialism and more. 

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