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Project Censored - 10/28/14

On this weeks Project Censored Show on Pacifica Radio Mickey Huff and Peter Phillips honor the October 22nd National Day of Protest to Stop Police Brutality, they look at Law Enforcement Related Deaths and the increasing concerns in the US about police violence. Joining them is October 22nd activist and legal advocate Karen Saari, who has researched the number of newspaper reported police shootings in the US. Diana Grant, professor of Criminal Justice at Sonoma State University, joins the program to address the question- why does the US government fail to accurately report law enforcement related deaths? In the second half of the program they speak with Censored 2015 editor professor Andy Roth, and  liberal studies professor Francisco Vazquez who is serving on the Sonoma County Community and Local Law Enforcement Task Force. They close with a brief update from filmmaker Dylan Avery on his new project Black and Blue that looks at the problem of police brutality. 

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Project Censored - 10/21/14

This episode takes a look at the history of the Free Thought movement in the U-S, from its roots in the time of independence 
to its resurgence during the post-Civil War years. The struggle between freethinkers and conservative religious forces played out 
on several fronts, including efforts to restrict what publications could be sent through the U-S mail. Among the historical figures 
examined in the program are the Free Thought publisher D.M. Bennett and the 'anti-vice crusader' and postal inspector Anthony Comstock, 
who lobbied for laws banning the mailing of 'obscene' materials. Bennett was sentenced to prison for mailing a pamphlet called "Cupid's Yokes."

The guests are Roderick Bradford, author and filmmaker, and Tom Flynn, editor of Free Inquiry magazine. 
The program includes excerpts from the documentary film, "American Freethought," produced by Bradford and Flynn.

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Project Censored - 10/14/14

On the Project Censored Show on Pacifica Radio, Friday at 1 P.M. Pacific time-- co-hosts Mickey Huff and Peter Phillips take a look at the top censored stories of the past year and discuss the latest book from Project Censored, Censored 2015: Inspiring We the People. They interview Dr. Andy Roth professor at Pomona College and co-editor of Censored 2015. They’re joined also by two of the book’s contributors, Prof. Dorothy Kidd will discuss how “We Can Live without Gold, but we Can’t Live without Water: Contesting Big Mining in the Americas; and Zara Maria Zimbardo talks about her chapter, “It’s Easier to Imagine the Zombie Apocalypse than to Imagine the End of Capitalism.” We’ll also do a run down of some of the past year’s most censored stories and the news that didn’t make the news.

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The Project Censored Show presents a speech given by former CIA analyst Ray McGovern. After his retirement from the CIA, McGovern founded "Veteran Intelligence Professionals for Sanity," and has criticized US spy agencies for their lawbreaking, and subservience to the agendas of politicians. He spoke in Santa Rosa, California on September 24, 2014, at an event co-sponsored by Project Censored. His topic was Human Rights and the National Security State

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