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Project Censored - 09/30/14

The show looks at Affordable Housing and Coalitions for Building Safe and Healthy Communities in the San Francisco Bay area. We address how reactionary forces including the Tea Party  and Nimby groups seek to block equitable housing and livable communities . Our guests include Wendi Kallins with the Coalition for a Livable Marin, Samuel  Tepperman-Gelfant a Senior Staff Attorney with Public Advocates which supports equitable development and affordable housing, and Chris McManus community housing advocate and researcher in Fairfax California. Famously liberal Marin County, California should welcome affordable housing and non-polluting transportation, but does it? Three housing activists say Tea Party members from outside the county have intervened loudly to obstruct planning processes, and have also recruited allies among local opponents of growth. 

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Project Censored - 09/23/14

The focus of the program is Banned Books Week (Sept 21 - 27, www.bannedbooksweek.org);
first is a discussion about the importance of graphic novels as literature, and their susceptibility 
to being banned. Then a recent case study in book banning from Delaware, where high school 
administrators tried to keep a lesbian-themed novel off an honors reading list.
The program concludes with a conversation with retired CIA analyst Ray McGovern, who is on 
a California speaking tour. 

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Project Censored - 09/16/14

Hosts Mickey Huff and Peter Phillips take on issues of free speech and censorship, banned books, and much more. Greg Lukianoff of the Foundation for Individual Rights in Education (FIRE) discusses his new book Freedom From Speech concerning free speech on college campuses; Mark Crispin Miller talks about the latest re releases coming out in his Forbidden Bookshelf series; Graeme MacQueen discusses his new book The 2001 Anthrax Deception: The Case for Domestic Conspiracy; and the show closes with an update from Michael Levitin on the People's Climate March events on 9/21 around the US.  

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Project Censored - 09/05/14

With the anniversary of the September 11 attacks at hand, Peter and Mickey speak with 
Ken Jenkins, organizers of the annual 911 Film Festival in Oakland, California, about questions 
that still linger 13 years after the attacks. Then Shahid Buttar of the Bill of Rights Defense Committee 
talks about the scope and implications of the ongoing federal surveillance activities against Americans, 
and how to resist them.The program concludes with Robbie Martin of Media Roots, speaking about 
his new documentary "American Anthrax." 

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Project Censored - 09/02/14

The program begins with a conversation with Kevin Gosztola, who writes for Firedoglake.com; 
Gosztola recounts his experiences in Ferguson, Missouri, in the days after the killing of black teen Michael Brown. 
Then Sunsara Taylor of Stoppatriarchy.org speaks from Texas about the continuing closures there of clinics offering abortions; 
Dennis Trainor of Acronym TV asks why even left-leaning media outlets dropped his report about Taylor and the Abortion Rights 
Freedom Ride. Finally, UK Guardian writer Nafeez Ahmed warns that at least two U.S. universities are assisting the Pentagon in 
creating data-mining systems to spy on political dissidents. 

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