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Project Censored - 08/26/14

The Project Censored show hosts Mickey Huff and Peter Phillips look at the police state and suppression of information in the US. They check in with civil rights activist Carl Dix from Ferguson, MO and Peter Phillips and Diana Grant tie in their recent study on police violence and militarization soon to be released in Censored 2015.  Next they talk with Michael McCray, of the Acorn 8, co-organizer of the recent Whistleblower Summit in Washington, D.C.,; and finish with a clip from Strike Debt on eminent domain in Richmond, CA.

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Project Censored - 08/12/14

Mickey Huff host this week's Project Censored Show which  presents a speech given by Peter Phillips at the Fellowship of Reconciliation's annual conference on July 4, 2014. Peter spoke on "the Transnational Corporate Class, U-S NATO Empire, and Corporate Media Propaganda."  Phillips addresses the concentration of global capital and identifies the financial core of 161 individuals who control $24 trillion dollars of capital investment. The US-NATO military Empire is in service to the Transnational Corporate Class, Phillips claims, and adds that "wars are started to protect global capital." 

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Project Censored - 08/05/14

Peter Phillips hosts with Project Censored Affiliate Faculty member Nolan Higdon. Mickey Huff had just returned from the National Whistle Blower Conference in Washington DC and joins by phone later in the show.  The  shows acknowledges the importance of protest songs in the struggle for human rights and social justice. David Rovics joins us for the airing of activist music from his most recent CDs Falasteen Habibti ("Palestine, My Love") and All the News that is Fit to Sing. During the second half of the show they get an update from Mickey Huff on the content of the new Censored 2015 yearbook to be released next month and the national Whistle blowers Conference.  At the end of the hour they play short segments from the award winning film Project Censored the movie.

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