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Project Censored - 01/28/14

Mickey Huff in Studio with Peter Phillips interview  Dr. Helen Caldicott – A prominent pediatrician who left her medical practice in 1980, after the Three Mile Island nuclear accident (33 years ago) to publicize the dangers of nuclear power and nuclear weapons on earth and in space.  She will be addressing the real dangers of the Fukushima diaster. For the 2nd half of the show they talk with Jim Riccio a lawyer who has worked for Greenpeace since 2001 as its Nuclear Policy Analyst.

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Project Censored - 01/21/14

Mickey Huff in Studio with Peter Phillips interview Dr. Thomas Moore author of the new book “A Religion of One’s Own.”  Thomas Moore was monk for twelve years, and also an university professor, musician and psychotherapist.He has written several books including the best seller “Care of the Soul.” He holds a Ph.D. in religion from Syracuse University. 

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Project Censored - 01/14/14

On the Project Censored Show on Pacifica Radio, Mickey Huff speaks with Shahid Buttar, executive director of the Bill of Rights Defense Committee about NSA surveillance and the growing resistance to such programs, he also talks about Guantanamo 12 years on, and other civil liberties issues. In the second half of the show Sarah van Gelder, co-founder of YES! Magazine returns to the program to discuss “Ten Hopeful Things That Happened in 2013 to Get You Inspired for What’s to Come.”

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Project Censored - 01/07/14

The Project Censored Show, Pacifica Radio Friday, January 3, 2014, 8 A.M. looks at sixty-year history of China  from the Great Leap Forward, through the Cultural Revolution and the Communist Party today. In studio with Peter Phillips for the hour is Professor Dongping Han author of “The Unknown Cultural Revolution: Life and Change in a Chinese Village. Joining him also is Ann Tompkins educator/activist who worked and studied in China for five years during the height of China’s Cultural Revolution. 

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