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Project Censored - 05/21/13

Mickey Huff  and Peter Phillips visit the issue of the new poverty in the United States as they play excerpts from the movie Ain’t I A Person directed by Dr. Keith Kilty. From the film we will hear the voices of people trapped in poverty by expanding structural unemployment, continuing racism, and a deep seated 30 year attack on the social safety net in the US. We’ll also hear live in studio from sociology professor Sheila Katz on increases in urban poverty and the 50th anniversary of the War on Poverty.

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Mickey Huff  and Peter Phillips revisit untold histories of the United States as they play excerpts from the Untold History event held at the Grand Lake Theater in Oakland, CA in February with Oliver Stone, Peter Kuznick, and Daniel Ellsberg.  They also interview Laurel Krause just back from the 43rd anniversary of the May 4th Kent State Shootings where Oliver Stone was keynote speaker. They discuss the ongoing cover-up of that fateful event by federal, state, and university officials. Additionally, they hold a general discussion on the importance of untold history to an active democracy.

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For the May 3 Project Censored Show on Pacifica Radio, Mickey Huff and Peter Phillips talk to film producer Jean-Philippe Tremblay regarding his new film Shadows of Liberty. Jean-Philippe Tremblay is London-based filmmaker originally from Quebec, who directed the film Shadows of Liberty, which had its U.S. premiere  at the National Conference for Media Reform in Denver.  The show includes segments of the film that offers a critique of corporate media’s practices of censorship and bias.

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