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Project Censored - 01/29/13

Today’s program-  Building a People’s News Media in the 21st Century.  We’ll talk about corporate media hegemony, top down managed news propaganda, and grassroots resistance with Prof. Robert Hackett of Simon Fraser University and Tracy Rosenberg of Media Alliance for most of the show today.  Near the end of the hour we’ll check in with Sunsara Taylor who is on the streets in Washington, D.C., participating in events marking the 40th anniversary of Roe v. Wade and talk to her about media framing and propaganda of the patriarchy 40 years on

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Project Censored - 01/22/13

Higher Education and Academic Freedom Under Attack.  We look at the corporate attack on pubic education via the Trojan Horse of the so-called “Reform” Movement and we examine the state academic freedom in the US as we speak with a professor who has challenged the status quo on official narratives in recent history.  We'll hear from Prof. Adam Bessie on GERM Warfare; Kenn Burrows from San Francisco State University talks about new paths in education. At the bottom of the hour we’ll turn our focus to academic freedom and how the corporate media frame and shape public perception on issues from education to controversial current events.  We’ll speak with communications professor Dr. James Tracy about his recent writings on the Newtown shootings and the role of a free press; and attorney Robert Shibley of FIRE, the Foundation for Individual Rights in Education, on broader issues addressing academic freedom and the First Amendment.

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Today we address the 11thanniversary of Guantánamo—an anniversary of "tragedy, pain, and torment" in the words of one former detainee. We'll hear from Deepa Kumar, author of Islamophobia and the Politics of Empire; Pardiss Kebriaei (Keb-re-aye), attorney with the Center for Constitutional Rights, which continues to seek accountability for torture and arbitrary detention at Guantánamo; and Toby Blomé of Code Pink, which is co-organizing a Guantanamo vigil on the Golden Gate Bridge this Sunday. In today's concluding segment, Sarah Van Gelder of YES! Magazine joins us to discuss nine stories that will change your world in 2013.

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