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Project Censored - 04/27/12

BP:  Blatant Propaganda and the Impact of the Deepwater Horizon Disaster on Health Two Years On.  We speak with two of today’s most hard-hitting independent journalists to bring you the truth about what’s going on in the Gulf of Mexico…First, an interview with investigative journalist Dahr Jamail on his recent reports on BP and the oily ecocide that continues to unfold; at the bottom of the hour, it's Steve Zeltzer with Work Week Radio; and we conclude today’s broadcast in discussion with investigative journalist Antonia Juhasz about her most recent reporting published in the Nation Magazine, “Two Years After the BP Spill, A Hidden Health Crisis Festers”

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Project Censored - 04/20/12

Today’s show: the continuing crisis in higher education.

First, we interview Harrison Wills President of the Associated Students at Santa Monica College, where students just successfully resisted an attempt by the College trustees to establish a two-tiered fee system. And We will hear from Robert Wilkins CEO of the East Bay YMCA on National Healthy Kids Day. At the bottom of the hour, it’s Steve Zeltzer with Work Week Radio; we’ll conclude the show with an inteview with Jennifer Eagan President of the California Faculty Association chapter at CSU East Bay specifically dealing with the Strike Vote now being held at the CSU campuses statewide.

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Project Censored - 04/13/12

Today on the Project Censored Show on Pacifica Radio, join Mickey Huff and Peter Phillips as they discuss "The dangers of global war and social costs of the US Military budget." Guests include political scientist Dr. Jeremy Cloward (for the hour), author most recently of the article The State, Class, and False Consciousness within the American Working Class; also, in the first segment Project Censored Award winner Bruce Gagnon joins in, who serves as Secretary/Coordinator of the Global Network Against Weapons & Nuclear Power in Space. At the bottom of the hour, Steve Zeltzer and Work Week Radio. The program concludes with Jo Comerford, Executive Director at the National Priorities Project, looking at the opportunity costs of US global war.

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Project Censored - 04/06/12

Fukushima and the Cascading Impact of Nuclear Power on the Planet.

We'll begin the program today talking about recent news stories surrounding the ongoing nuclear crisis in Japan; we’ll play a prerecorded interview with Prof. Akira Murakami, professor of North American culture and media literacy at Akita University, who was recently in the SF Bay area at the behest of the Ecological Options Network; at the bottom of the hour, it's Steve Zeltzer with Work Week Radio; we'll conclude the show specifically dealing with The Nuclear Industry and Health as we engage in conversation with Joseph J. Mangano and Janette D. Sherman, authors of “An Unexpected Mortality Increase in the United States Follows Arrival of the Radioactive Plume from Fukushima- Is there a Correlation?” recently published in the International Journal of Health Services.

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